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Rc Boat - 2.4G Remote Control Boat InBudgets
Rc Boat - 2.4G Remote Control Boat InBudgets
Rc Boat - 2.4G Remote Control Boat InBudgets
Rc Boat - 2.4G Remote Control Boat InBudgets

Rc Boat - 2.4G Remote Control Boat

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2.4G Remote Control Boat


1. Ideal for swimming in pools or lakes. Twin propeller design, strong power.
2. Can rotate left and right, forward and backward. Integrated hull design, using environmentally friendly materials, harmless and durable.
3. It has a cool look and lots of details that make it even more dreamy.
4. Exquisite ABS material, more durable side high water flow, reduce water resistance, effectively improve the speed
5. The bow adopts the flow design, which reduces the resistance to the hull itself during the voyage, thus making the voyage faster and easier.
6. Fully enclosed waterproof design: waterproof cover design is adopted to effectively prevent water accumulation in the engine room and protect internal components.
  7. Fully enclosed water cooling system: the double-motor power motor adopts the design of external submersible pump, and the fully enclosed water cooling system can effectively protect the motor and maintain the continuous and efficient dynamic operation. The streamlined hull design speeds up the sailing speed.
1. Remote control: four-way remote control distance wireless remote control, can move backward, turn right to left, remote control distance can reach 40-50 meters, easy to control.
2. Rechargeable battery: equipped with 650mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which can be replaced at any time.
3. Simple and convenient. Using safe and environmental protection ABS material, has good anti-knock performance and impact resistance.

Material: ABS plastic
Product size: 23.8*7.6* 7.3cm
Package size :29*22*9 cm
Weight: 460 g
Color: as show
Remote control range: 40-50m
Battery life: about 20min
Maximum speed: 10km/h

Package Included:
The boat * 1
The remote control * 1
Battery * 1
Description * 1
Stents * 1
The tail rotor * 2
Charging line * 1

"Used under the direct supervision of an adult" should always urge children to play in deep water.
Due to manual measurement, the size error is about 1-2mm.
Images may not reflect actual items due to differences between displays, please consider this before purchasing.
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