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10 Lbs Shredded Memory Foam Bean Bag Filler

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This Bean Bag Filler is perfect for anyone looking to enhance the comfort and support of their bean bag chair.
It is made from premium shredded memory foam, which provides superior softness and flexibility compared to traditional bean bag fillings.
  • Bean Bag Chair Refill:
If your old bean bag chair has lost its support and comfort, this filler is the perfect solution. Simply remove the old fill and replace it with this premium shredded memory foam for a like-new seating experience.
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  • DIY Bean Bag Projects:
Feeling crafty?
Use this filler to create your own custom bean bag chair or other seating furniture. The flexibility and softness of the shredded memory foam make it easy to shape and mold.
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  • Pet Bed Cushion:
Give your furry friend a cozy and comfortable place to rest by using this bean bag filler in a pet bed or cushion. The memory foam fill will provide excellent support for your pet's joints and muscles.
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  • Stuffed Animal Storage:
Does your child have a collection of stuffed animals taking up valuable space?
Fill a large bean bag with this shredded memory foam to create a fun and functional stuffed animal storage solution. No matter how you choose to use it.
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Its premium shredded memory foam construction ensures long-lasting comfort and flexibility, making it an excellent choice for any bean bag chair or creative endeavor.
Package Dimensions
17.4 x 12.99 x 6.57 inches