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Premium Turtle cage

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Item Specifications:
    • Brand: Magshion
    • Product Type: 2-Compartment Chicken Hutch
    • Material: Wood
    • Style: Rectangle
    • Color: Grey
    • Overall Size: (L)36.5" (W)26.5" (H)12.5"
    • Door Size: (L)25.0" (W)26.5" (Large); (L)11.5" (H)26.5" (Small)
    • Compartment Size: (L)25.0" (W)26.5" (H)12.5" (Large); (L)11.5" (H)26.5" (H)12.5" (Small)
    • Compartment Door Size: (L)8.0" (H)8.5"
    • Lock Mechanism: Metal Latch

  • Professional Tortoise Enclosure
    This 36.75" tortoise enclosure has a "private" sleeping area & a "public" viewing area where the heat lamps (not included) can do their work. Plus, the top doors also lock to keep your buddy safe.
  • Ventilated Turtle Habitat
    Sturdy wire mesh safety cover and latches keep pets safe and allow for better ventilation. Designed for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Versatile Reptile Cage
    Acrylic viewing panels on two sides make it easy for both of you to observe your pets. And keep your pal indoors with the proper heat and light, or hang it outdoors to get some much-needed sunlight and warmth.
  • Durable Tortoise House
    Good quality fir wood is suitable for raising rabbits or other small animals. We built the turtle box with denser and stronger top wire lid, suitable for small animals, such as tortoises, lizards, geckos, and snakes.
  • Quick and Easy Assembly
    Quality assured and easy to assemble with step-by-step instructions and all necessary hardware included. Easy installation with pre-drilled holes.

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