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200Amp MIG Welder 2 in 1 Flux MIG/Solid Wire/MMA/ARC/Stick Welder 110V

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1. MIG Gasless Welder: HZXVOGEN Gasless HVM200(flux cored wire) : Accepts 1kg flux core wires and 0.8/1.0mm solid wires to weld on 0.8/1.0mm plate thickness for carbon steel stainless steel/mild steel
2. 3 IN 1 Welder Machine: Support MIG gas/Lift TIG/MMA. MMA/Arc welding (3.2mm electrode) 7018 1/8 "very good, also 6013 and 7018 3/32". Suitable for rods with a size from 1.6mm to 3.2mm. Lift TIG non high frequency tig mode, just switch to "lift tig" on the panel and buy WP17FV tig torch
3. Overload Safety Protection: HZXVOGEN MIG welder come with a safety feature where the welder is automatically turned off when it it too hot or the voltage and current exceed their range. This flux core welder will keep you and your welder safe. There are fans helping to cooling the welder when working.
4. Easy Control Panel, Excellent Weld Characteristics: The panel of HZXVOGEN 3 in 1 welder is very simple which make it much more easier to operate. This mig welders 110 volts has adjustable wire feed speed and power settings, you can adjust it to suit your application.
5. 2 Year Warranty And Great After Sale Service: HZXVOGEN offers a good warranty. We have professional technical team, If you meet any problem when using this machine, please feel freely to contact us.

Product Features:

* The multi-function design enables the machine to reach the requirement of welding for high quality
* Compact and portable with light weight
* Digital ammeters for easy viewing
* Protections including over-heat, over-voltage, low-voltage and over-current
Product Details:
- Model: HVM200
- Rated input voltage(V): 1phase AC110V+15%
- Frequency(Hz): 50/60Hz
- Rated input power (KV.A):110V: 3(TIG), 3.6(MMA)
- Rated input current (A): 33.5(MMA). 110V: 27.3(TIG), 32.7(MMA)
- I1 eff (A): 15
- Rated output current (A): 110V:10-120
- No-load voltage(V): 59V
- Duty cycle (40℃, 10 minutes): 110V: 30%@120A, 60%@85A, 100%@66A
- Power factor: 70%
- Efficiency (%): ≥85%
- Insulation grade: F
- Housing protection grade: IP21S

* MIG function:no gas iron welding.
* ARC function:no gas iron welding.
* Full-digital control system to realize precise control and stable arc length during welding.
* Great reduction in metal loss obviously enhances the welding efficiency and energy saving effect.
* MIG welding 0.5~6mm iron and mild steel plate
* ARC welding 2.5mm acid electrode
What You Get?
1X Mig welder HVM200
1X Earth clamp
1X Electrode holder
1X Mig welding torch
1X Flux cored wire
1X Flux cored wire 0.5kg (1mm)