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Automatic Lawn Mower Bubble Machine

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An awesome toy that will have that kiddo bubbly with glee !

This lawn mower doubles as a bubble blower machine kids will love.

It comes with 4 packs of concentrated bubble liquid solution to fuel the fun.

Just insert 4 x AA batteries (not included),

and watch it produce a barrage of beautiful bubbles.



This lawnmower blow bubbles; wheels have the gear sounds when pushing.

Indoors or outdoors, it will keep kids happily busy.

The moving and walking about is a fun way for little ones to get in some healthy exercise.



We know just how enthusiastic the play can get.

That's why we've designed our bubble lawn mower using durable plastic to withstand it all.

It's very easy to assemble,

and the handle can be detached for easy and space-friendly storage.



Looking for a fun birthday gift for boys and girls ?

A cool holiday gift for that adorable toddler ?

Treat them to this bubble blowing push mower toy and watch them beam.

It's the perfect bubbly treat for 3, 4, 5, and 6 year-olds.



Bubble toys don't just add a touch of magic to sunny days,

they also help kids effortlessly pick up crucial skills as they play.

They'll get to hone gross motor skills as they chase & pop bubbles,

and visual tracking skills as they watch bubbles float away.




1. This bubble machine can blow bubbles and the wheels have the sound of gears when pushing. It will keep kids happy and busy whether indoors or outdoors. Moving and walking around is a fun way for the little ones to get some healthy exercise.

2. It's very easy to assemble and the handle can be taken apart for easy storage and space saving.

3. They can hone their motor skills in the process of chasing and popping bubbles, and they can hone their visual tracking skills in the process of watching the bubbles float away.




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