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Car Display Compass GPS Speedometer

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Hud Speed Odometer Mileage Car Head Up Display Compass Gps Speedometer Overspeed Digital Speed Alarm Car electronic


  • Applicable to domestic cars, Asian cars, American cars and European cars.
  • Equipped with a high-precision satellite GPS signal module.
  • Automatically monitor vehicle driving conditions.
  • Adjust the brightness of the screen by using the sensitivity of the light sensor.
  • Free rotation, which is more sensitive.
  • It adopts a color HD LCD display with high resolution.
  • Carbon fiber appearance body design.
  • Start automatically when the vehicle starts, sleep mode starts automatically after vehicle parking.

Product Function:

  • Precisely shows vehicle tilt angle with clear notification, when the angle is over 40°, alarm alerts.
  • Precisely shows vehicle pitch angle changes when the angle is over 40°the alarm alerts to ensure your safety.
  • Vehicle speed from GPS satellite signal.
  • Altitude measurement and display.
  • Latitude and longitude measurement and display.
  • Compass display.
  • Satellite time display.
  • Over speed alarm.
  • Fatigue driving alarm alerts after driving for 4 hours.



Product analysis:

① Speed / Latitude& Longitude ② Roll Angle ③ Setting Button ④ Start Button
⑤ Pitch Angle ⑥ Compass

Product Instructions:

  • Park the car on a horizontal surface, stick the adhesive on the product, adjust and fix it in the vehicle for easy horizontal view.
  • Before driving, connect the power supply and wait to receive the satellite GPS signal until the data shows normal.
  • Long and hold the setting button and click the start button to adjust the clock minutes.
  • Press and hold the start button, and click the setting button to adjust the clock hours.

Package Content: