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Electric Hydraulic Car Floor Jack

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Unveiling a revolutionary solution for your car lifting needs, our Powerful Electric Car Jack stands as a beacon of innovation and efficiency. With a remarkable lifting capacity of 5.0 tons (11023 lbs) and a lifting range spanning 6.1'' to 17.7'' (155-450 mm), this electric car jack transcends conventional methods. No longer will you grapple with the challenges of manual jacks during roadside emergencies or garage repairs. It's not merely a jack; it's a reliable companion ready to transform your automotive experience.
Effortless Lifting in Minutes
Bid farewell to the frustrations of manual operations. Within a mere 2 minutes, our electric car jack effortlessly reaches its maximum height of 17.7". Designed for user-friendly operation, this marvel of engineering ensures that anyone can lift their vehicle with ease. Your safety is our priority, as the jack automatically ceases lifting upon reaching its peak. Simply place it on a flat surface for optimal performance.
High-Efficiency Impact Wrench
Elevating the experience further, our electric car jack includes a high-efficiency Impact Wrench boasting a maximum torque of 450 N. M. This powerful tool can screw and unscrew with precision in just seconds. Featuring two sleeves for screws of four sizes (17/19 mm & 21/23 mm), it seamlessly caters to various vehicles in the market. Choose the appropriate sleeve, press the power button, and witness screws effortlessly coming undone. It's simplicity redefined.
All-in-One Tire Emergency Solution
Worried about tire emergencies in remote locations? Our electric hydraulic car jack is your comprehensive solution. Equipped with a tire inflator pump, hidden toolboxes on both sides keep the inflatable tube and needles organized for quick tire inflation. The real-time tire pressure display adds an extra layer of convenience. Your car will thank you for the prompt and efficient care it receives.
Versatile Charging Options
Charging our electric hydraulic jack is a breeze, offering versatility to suit your needs. Powered by a 12V cigarette lighter or car battery, the 13 feet power cord provides flexibility in placement by the front or rear tire. For your peace of mind, three spare TUV and UL-certified fuses are included. Your satisfaction and convenience are our utmost priorities.
Our Powerful Electric Car Jack transcends the realm of mere automotive accessories. It stands as a comprehensive kit designed to elevate your driving experience.
With quick lifting, efficient wrenching, tire inflation, and versatile charging options, this electric car jack is a true investment in the safety and convenience of your journeys.
Don't just take our word for it – join the ranks of satisfied customers who have chosen the superior solution. Make your next roadside emergency or garage repair stress-free with our Powerful Electric Car Jack, because your journey deserves the best.